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Mallorca Magazin, 1999 

Shooting in a holiday paradise is already routine for Jo Kern.
The 23-year old is the center of attention in the first episodes of the Mallorca series.
Of all the actors who could be seen on workdays in 'Mallorca', Jo Kern was in front of the camera most of the shooting times.
Because she plays Lena Schilling - and her destiny is one of the main themes in the first days of the new daily soap.
The 23-year old from Munich acted in around 30 different productions in the last few years, but her job in a holidy atmosphere under Mediterranean sun is the most famous one.
Jo could also be seen in 13 episodes of the host series 'Stars of the South'. "We shot in Turkey and Greece", the actress remembers. "I was also in the Hawaii episodes of 'Against the wind', and the 'Dreamboat' shoots in the Caribbean were also a lot of fun".
And now Mallorca.
Befor her job started, Jo Kern had only visited the holiday island once as a little child. "I heard from many colleagues who worked here in the last years, that there are quite many beautyful places here". Mallorca was therfore one of the reasons why she tol the offer for the series: "I wouldn't have made such a daily soup if it had been in Berlin or Cologne. It is quite attractive to be in the sun, on the ocean, simply to work here is beautyful."
Jo didn't have much time to discover the island, though. She barely knows the view from the car window on the way to Palma, the location of the shoot. But the daily stress will even out.
Jo also finds her role appealing: "I play a woman who had a stroke of fate in Germany and who isn't sure what to do with her life. A sensitive, introverted woman who feels the urge to strike out."
Fo Jo Kern, the character of Lena Schilling has been one of the most interesting roles she has played so far. "I don't want to play the ypung lover who has her first night on the beach anymore. But I'm not able to play a TV detective yet either. This is why it is always good when there's a role which is away from the 'beautyful companion'.
And Jo never had an issue with the genre of the daily soap, either: "I'd rather play a wonderful role in a series than appear in a cinema movie ten times".