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IT's not only the 'unwanted witness' who demonstrates acting brilliance

Country crime novel with clear figurative language.
By Elzbieta Tittelbach

Both archaic and modern - this is how Asta Scheib's country criminal novel, "Die unerwünschte Zeugin" (The unwanted witness) appears, which was sympathetically picturized by Maria Theresia Wagner ("Die Nacht des Marders") and which will be shown today on ARD at 11.15pm.
The cast, featuring newcomer, Jo Kern ('Sterne des Südens'), the popular theater actress, Veronika Fitz ('Die Hausmeisterin') and the wonderful dirndl-dress-wearing actress, Christine Neubauer, is entirely traditional Bavarian [...]
As rough and sketchily as some of the characters are drawn, the dramaturgy never triumphs over the vividness of the characters. The figurative language is clear and Maria-Theresia creates a loving setting without being pituresque or pretentious.
In such a classic, pithy hillbilly drama, special emphasis is placed on the actors. And these are the big plus in this TV film.
Jo Kern, who caused less of sensation in her past roles, than the fact that she is Pinkas Braun's illegitimate daughter, plays the wild child in an extremely nuanced way  [...]

PRISMA, 15.07.1998
Tonight, Jo Kern can be watched on ARD in "The unwanted witness"

Anke Groenewold
Andrea lives in a musty little town and constantly rubs people up the wrong way.
One day, the richest man in town dies. Bad luck for Andrea: she was at the scene. Now, the witch-hunt of the young woman begins. Her only girlfriend wants to help her. Together, they change their looks. Promptly, the son of the dead man falls in love with Andrea.
The young actress, Jo Kern (23) plays the part of Andrea in Maria-Theresia Wagner's film 'The unwanted witness'.

Jo Kern is attracted by demanding and unusual roles where she can demonstrate her versatility. She never wants to be pegged as a certain type of character.
So she act all genres and tries to adapt as many different characters as possible. She was attracted by the character of Andrea because "I was able to demonstrate a lot and was able to develop myself in terms of acting", Jo sais. The sshooting of the 'a little bit over-revved mix of crime and Cinderella story' (Kern) lasted five weeks. A relatively long time for a TV production.
For Jo it was very clear early on that she wanted to become an actress. "At the age of twelve it was completely clear" she says. At the age of twelve she also got her first role. In the German magazine, Gong, she read that they were lokking far a 'normal young girl', who was supposed to play alongside Carl Heinz Schroth.
The girl from Munich went to the Casting, got the job and settled in Hamburg for five weeks - an exciting experience for the student.
The 22-year-old never went to an acting school. Not because she believes that it wouldn't be necessary, because this craft is worth to explore and be taught. She finds colleagues who think they don't need any of this kind of silly.
Jo takes classes to educate her voice and to discover ways to express herself in terms of acting.
In the meantime the young star with the husky voise has collected a plethora of practical experience - in series like 'Stars of the South', 'Against the wind' or 'The Dreamboat'. But also in TV motion pictures like Peter Ariel's 'The Brothers' or Kückelmann's 'Aborted'.
However, till now, the actress, who lives in Cologne, doesn't want to be on the 'big screen' at any price: "I'd rather develop interesting characters in a series than run through the picture of a cinema movie five times", Jo Kern says.[...]

Jo Kern is a woman of many talents. Music plays a major role in her life, she explains. She sang in a band and still plays the guitar. If she is not preparing for a role she stands in front of an easel and paints oil paintings.
Jo Kern is capable of anything.